Wes Maffett

Skills / Factory Automation / Process Automation

Project Management Skills

  • 10 + years of technical project management experience
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks at once, troubleshoot project issues, and develop resolutions which result in customer satisfaction
  • Ability to drive teams with a positive attitude
  • Effective time management
  • Establish plans and manage execution
  • Proven analytical skills and decision making
  • Strong oral and written skills and the ability to confidently deliver formal presentations

Technical Skills

  • Fault finding and diagnostic capabilities
  • Ability to read and follow electrical schematics
  • Understanding of pneumatic, hydraulic and P&ID schematics
  • Design of control systems in a Process environment
  • Design experience using PLC's, HMI/SCADA, Drives, Valve assemblies
  • VISIO experience
  • Good understanding in application of IEC 61508 relating to system design
  • Design experience for machinery/automation/process control systems

Industrial Networks

  • Architecture, system design, IEEE 61850,IEEE 802.11(x), ProfiBus (PA/DP) ProfiNet [TCP/IP, RT, IRT], Modbus, Modbus/TCP…

Control Panel Designs (relay & automation based)

  • UL508A design, specification, product selection, wiring diagrams, general layout, testing, field start-up

Engineered Product Design

  • The utilization of manufacturer components to meet the requirements of a specific application or value proposition. Typically designed for field engineers to demonstrate a broad range of products, for a specific application that has application in multiple vertical markets. The clever use of (their) technology using standard off-the-shelf components, with a unique or nontraditional design methodology.

AC and DC Drive

  • Selection, implementation, programming, configuration, training, start-up and interface criteria


  • Languages
    • Boolean
    • 984LL
    • Step7
    • IEC 61131-3:2013
      • Instruction List (IL) 
      • Structured Text (ST)
      • Ladder Diagram (LD)
      • Function Block Diagram (FBD).
    • Application based design (use of)
    • implementation, programming, configuration, training, start-up and interface

Instrumentation for process control

  • Pressure, flow, level, 0-speed, temperature, etc...
  • Selection, implementation, programming, installation, configuration, training, start-up and interface

Instrumentation Other

  • Signal conversion, linearization, iS barriers, recorders, data-loggers, single/multi loop controllers, analytical, etc...
  • Selection, implementation, programming, installation, configuration, training, start-up and interface


  • Graphics design
  • Database normalization
  • Database development
  • Multi-protocol communication based integration
  • Operations strategy / implementation
  • Various language environments including: C, C++, Cobol, Basic, Boolean, VB, JS, HTML, XML.

Field Services

  • Calibration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Start-up
  • Wiring
  • Configuration
  • Remove, Repair and Replace
  • Project management
  • Project supervision
  • CGMP validation
  • Operational training


  • Siemens Automation Specialists (Domestic / Global)
  • Siemens Water / Wastewater Center of Competence Nuremburg Germany
  • Weidmüller USA Industry Managers (Domestic / Global)
  • Water ISAC Pro Washington DC
  • Caribbean Desalinization Association Founding Member
  • Caribbean Water Wastewater Association Member
    •  CWWA - LinkedIn Group Moderator

Professional Associations

  • ISA
  • IEEE
  • ASCE
  • IWA
  • CWWA
  • CaribDA
  • IDA
  • AWWA
  • WEF